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Anti Reflective coatings, Optical Coatings Anti Reflective coatings, Optical Coatings
BALZERS 1250 LEYBOLD Versatile Coating System
Anti reflective coating improves both your vision through your lenses and the appearance of your eyeglasses. Anti reflective coating (AR coating) is especially beneficial when used on high-index lenses, which reflect more light than regular plastic lenses. Generally, the higher the index of refraction of the lens material, the more light that will be reflected from the surface of the lenses.

Anti-Reflection Coatings (AR) that are used to enhance the transmission characteristic of an optically finished substrate.

anti-reflection (AR) coating is a type of optical coating applied to the surface of lenses and other optical elements to reduce reflection. In typical imaging systems, this improves the efficiency since less light is lost. In complex systems such as a telescope, the reduction in reflections also improves the contrast of the image by elimination of stray light.

The anti reflection coating (AR coating) is used in a wide variety of applications such as camera lenses, instrument panels, binoculars, cover glasses and telescopes. AR coatings can be used in the ultra-violet, visible and the far-infrared range. The Coating Chamber sizes are:
1. Balzers-1250mm
2. Leybold-600mm

The machines are capable of Anti Reflective coatings ,Reflective Coatings and Protective coating including:
» Narrowband & Broadband
» Beam combining & Beam Splitting
» Multi-Wave Length
» Single Layer & MultiLayer